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The Optometrist

The Optometrist

"You've never protested in your life," his wife said. "That's why this is a novelty."
The optometrist was content with his life but when he started a Facebook account called Cash4cats and joined protest group The Friends of Currency Creek, he earned the wrath of both the Greens and a frightening new group, #catlivesmatter. It doesn't help that his new friend, the writer, is treating him like a character in his own life. Will he discern truth from fiction in time to save himself and his family? Will he stop climate change?
The Optometrist is an environmental fiction set in Australia. It is a black comedy about modern life, a dystopian vision of this bleak horrible present, a novelty about a man who just hates cats


Z, Obi and Cutter, three modern day slaves, walk into a bar in Northern Queensland. It is J. Blackbird's place, Sugar Shack, and J. is the descendant of a Kanaka slave. Each of them in turn tells their story. Meanwhile, Charlie Muller, Z’s pimp, has tracked her down and is heading north to take back what he considers is his property. Innocent bystanders get caught up in Charlie’s anger and there are several deaths, but in the end, no one is convicted of murder.

Sugar Shack is an experimental crime novel set in North Queensland, a mystery that is revealed in three parts.



Follows Detective Lily McGuire from the Domestic Violence Unit of the Christies Beach Police Station even deeper into the darkest parts of sunny South Australia as she tries to catch a serial killer targeting victims.

"The Australian Dream.....turned into the Australian Nightmare," 

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Book no.2
Book no.3
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