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Postcards # 2 Poetry by Lil Wayne

Updated: May 18, 2018

In verse 3 of ‘See You in My Nightmares’, the way Lil Wayne rhymes reminds me of how Aboriginal language works, how a word can change how it sounds so that it fits into a song or so it can be understood by people from different countries.

It’s a break up song, so it’s not Lil Wayne’s profoundest but it does touch on a willingness to blame others for our own bad habits. George Orwell himself writes about how we like to attribute a bad smell to the lower classes, whoever they are.

The words have what a chef would call mouth feel.

Baby girl I'm finished I thought we were committed I thought we were cemented I really thought we meant it But now we just repent it And now we just resent it The clouds is in my vision Look how high that I be getting And it's all because of you Girl we through

You think your shit don't stank

But you are Mrs. Pee-yew

And I don't see you

With me no more

Now tell everybody that you know

That you know

A profound example can be found by an Aboriginal writer, Ali Cobby Eckerman, from her collection Little Bit Long Time:

Mother's Day 2018


Why can’t you run to me Hug me hold me close With the ferocity like kangaroos Embraced in death like throes.

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